It may be surprising to find out that a single speed pool pump can be the 2nd largest usage of energy in your home after heating and a/c. With the setup of a variable speed pump, it is possible to cut the associated energy expenses as much as 90%, which can equate to hundreds of dollars every year.

Similar to most advanced, more efficient products, variable speed pumps cost more than single speed pumps. This incremental investment is frequently recuperated in energy cost savings in less than two years. In addition to amazing energy cost savings, variable speed pumps use fringe benefits such as:

Significantly quieter than standard pumps, not to go undetected particularly in a home with a smaller sized space

Advanced motor innovation: completely enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) style provide added reliability compared to basic pool pump motors

Permit much better and more effective swimming pool filtration through slower water filtering rates.

Variable Speed pumps are usually made with permanent electric magnet motors permitting them ability to operate at any number of speeds within their variety. This capability is provided through the attachment of a variable speed drive controller and allows the pump owner to personalize the shows of speed and flow for various applications of use.

Variable Speed pumps are more efficient than both the single and double speed pumps as they can not adjust to the applications and requirements of each pool. With these pumps outputting optimal power all the time, it indicates maximum energy intake and optimum costs!

Water purification performs finest at slower rates, the slower you can pass the water by means of a filter with less turbulence, the much better the quality of purification. 90% of pool operation can happen at the slowest rate (guaranteeing turnover is still maintained) the advantage of having a variable speed pump is that is can be changed in real time to fulfill the 10% or more requirements. Usually, pool owners who change to variable-speed pumps recuperate the expense of the pump in energy cost savings in less than two years.    

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Variable Speed Pumps is a division of Dolphin Pools.

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